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ESG software

ESG software tailored to meet client regional, industry and regulatory reporting requirements incorporating core data points of reporting.


White-labelled online training courses, ESG Framework, and integration, Newsletters, tailored courseware, workshops, data identification and reporting.

ASSET OWNER services

Trustee training, assessments, evaluations, ESG integration in investment policy, monitoring and reporting, regulatory guidance  and related services.


Multiple benefits including weekly Newsletters, discounted courses, webinars, publications, educational packages, including online modules and updates, discounted consultation and advisory services.


 Bespoke comprehensive Corporate, Asset Manager and Asset Owners packages. Presentations and workshops by ESGi's global panel of experts.

asset management services

Comprehensive packages tailored for client-specific regional, industry and regulatory ESG data requirements including internal integration and reporting guidelines.

Sovereign Sustainable framework development

Comprehensive services including formulating the Sustainable Development Framework, sourcing funding and providing implementation oversight. Regulatory advisory services for financial markets including formulating sector codes, guidelines and directives.


Certification of; ESG strategy and Framework for sustainable development projects; Course content for 3rd Parties and providing  due diligence advisory services for M&A transactions.